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Hearing test online (audiometry)

The result of the test is an audiogram diagram (air conduction), similar to tonal audiometry performed by an audiologist using an audiometer. Online hearing test, audiotest (at home)

Sound when checked and should be somewhat unpleasant, but not harmful using conventional equipment (earphones)

Video instruction how to pass the test

About hearing loss assessment

Hearing loss is assessed according to the standard approved by the WHO: only the speech range is taken into account, i.e. from 250Hz to 4000Hz.

In fact, it is important how a person hears in the entire available range up to 20,000 Hz.

Various hearing loss is not only a reason for obvious hearing loss, but also tinnitus (noise, squeak, ringing in the ears), autophony, hyperacusis and more.

This test was created in order not only to test your hearing for those who are interested. But primarily for tracking progress with hearing.

Improve your hearing, get objective improvement